By: Matthew Murdoch

Fasting vs. Ketosis for Multiple Sclerosis

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesA new study by Valto et. al was recently published in the journal Cell that evaluated how ketogenic diets, fasting (a diet that mimics fasting) and the Meditterean diet addresses the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The study is interesting for quite a few reasons and addresses the concerns many people have about actually consuming even modest amounts…

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Solving Leaky Gut

Fixing Stomach Issues on a Low Carb Diet

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesBackground More often that not, LC diets can improve digestive issues.   However, in some cases they can exacerbate these issues because they tend to introduce foods that are higher in FODMAPs. What are FODMAPs? FODMAPs are a very broad category of foods that contain fructose, lactose, fructans, and polyols.  The low-FODMAP diet…

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By: Anna Majkowska

Michael Pollan Ignorantly Dismisses Gluten Free

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesMichael Pollan has been ignorantly stating that gluten free is a “social contagion” (ie. dietary fad) and that people can eat gluten bearing grains and that they just don’t know it.  In fact, to prove this to those silly misinformed people, he’s instructing them to eat … wait for it… gluten free bread.…

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By: Dave Shafer

Can a Low Carb Diet Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Facebook Twitter Pinterestshares Did you know that a low carb diet can fool you into thinking your blood sugars are elevated all the way into diabetic ranges when they’re really not? As contradictory as it may seem, chronic low carb dieting can result in your body becoming resistant to insulin in a protective way to help spare…

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By: Jennifer C.

Blue Zones, Veganism and Anti-Aging

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesBackground  Longevity research is an area of interest of mine.   People in my family tend to deal with diabetes and it’s many complications early on in life (pre-diabetes in their late 30’s/early 40’s, full blown diabetes before 50). I seldom see family members living into their 80’s.  While I’m not sure I want…

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