Fasting, Longevity and Cancer

Facebook Twitter Pinterestshares The above is an interview with Dr. Valter Longo on fasting, FMD’s (Fasting Mimetic Diets), longevity and cancer.  I disagree with Dr. Longo’s take on low-carb diets and protein intake but that’s the subject of another post on another day. I follow Dr. Longo’s research on fasting very closely and have summarized…

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Does Intermittent Fasting Cause Muscle Loss?

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesBefore I answer this question, I need to say this: I hate tracking macros and counting calories. Have you ever used a tablespoon to measure out your peanut butter?  It’s a nightmare, especially with chunky PB.    And what’s up with almonds?  We can’t digest up to 30% of their calories so we can’t really…

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Fasting vs. Ketosis for Multiple Sclerosis

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesA new study by Valto et. al was recently published in the journal Cell that evaluated how ketogenic diets, fasting (a diet that mimics fasting) and the Meditterean diet addresses the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The study is interesting for quite a few reasons and addresses the concerns many people have about actually consuming even modest amounts…

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Fixing Stomach Issues on a Low Carb Diet

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesBackground More often that not, LC diets can improve digestive issues.   However, in some cases they can exacerbate these issues because they tend to introduce foods that are higher in FODMAPs. What are FODMAPs? FODMAPs are a very broad category of foods that contain fructose, lactose, fructans, and polyols.  The low-FODMAP diet…

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Michael Pollan Ignorantly Dismisses Gluten Free

Facebook Twitter PinterestsharesMichael Pollan has been ignorantly stating that gluten free is a “social contagion” (ie. dietary fad) and that people can eat gluten bearing grains and that they just don’t know it.  In fact, to prove this to those silly misinformed people, he’s instructing them to eat … wait for it… gluten free bread.…

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